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Fresh homemade fudge made here on Deer Isle by Fox Den Delicacies, aka Alice McD, a finicky cook who rules over an immaculate kitchen with a fabulous view.

Comes in a sealed bag in candy box, your gift message written on a hand-decorated heart.  Fudge is packaged as a block: cut into your version of bite-size, or just start gobbling!

Penuche Walnut is fudge-like candy made with butter, brown sugar and milk.  Tastes buttery and a little grainy, with a hint of caramel flavor.  Homemade here on Deer Isle using a French-Canandian family recipe, this version includes walnuts; net wt 10.5 oz/box. $12

Chocolate is silky, rich chocolate that will melt the heart of any Valentine target.  Net wt 13.25 oz/box. $15



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