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Soap Sets *

Bar of handmade soap, natural bristle nail brush and a handmade wooden soap rack-style dish complete this charming gift set.

Soap is beautifully packaged in bright tissue paper and a wrapper illustrated with Maine island imagery. Made by hand using the finest olive, coconut, and soy oils, essential oil, organic grains, herbs, spices, seaweeds, and clays. No synthetic fragrances ever! 

Clam Flat Clay -- Sourced by hand from nearby island shores. Cedar wood, balsam and lavender essential oils, natural and minimally processed sea clay. 

Patchouli Rose -- Umm-m-m! Patchouli and rose essential oils and natural pink clay. 

Lavender Seaweed--Everyone loves lavender; organic kelp powder adds vitamin B and minerals to nourish your skin.



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