We open--grounds and shop--Tuesday through Saturday 11-5 PM.  Please come visit!

About Us

Nellieville, or Nervous Nellie's, is an eclectic campus covering several acres in an idyllic island setting, a one-time homestead and heirloom orchard at the edge of a spruce forest.  We make about 300 jars of jam a day by hand year-round in the jelly kitchen--a tiny white Cape cottage--using mainly Maine fruits.  Peter's sculpture workshop is a former general store that was moved here in several large pieces on a flatbed truck (early one morning before the school buses got running). 

Our tiny shop is filled with shelf goods, housewares, gifts and clever things made by Maine artisans.  A cross between classy and rustic. No lighthouse, moose or lobster key chains. 

The grounds: meadow and woods are filled with sculptures made by Peter from discarded metal, locally-milled lumber, dump-foraged material.  A Western town--jail, lawyer's office, fortune teller, hotel, saloon, Chinese laundry--sits shoulder to shoulder with a Delta-style juke joint, a Deer Isle general store, a church, a Grail castle, wizard's tower, 50's garage complete with jam session, all comprise Nellieville, a lifelong work in progress.