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Colorful, handmade birdhouses using salvaged wood, slate, metal and random junk. All are clean, unfinished pine inside, with air vents in the eaves and a clean-out door on the side.  Designed for a variety of birds. They come with a hook on the back for hanging or you could mount them on a post.  You could get chickadees, swallows, wrens, woodpeckers or maybe a bluebird! Variety of prices from approx $39-96, depending on size and materials. Zoom in to see price on each box. The perfect gift for a budding naturalist.

These images show what was available as of October, 2018.  Please call to order and have this screen in front of you so we can identify exactly which one you want.  Any birdhouse can be shipped.

Great gift for a budding naturalist!



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