Mark Island Lighthouse Tide Clock

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The tide rises

NEW! Custom-made for Nervous Nellie's, this tide clock features Mark Island Lighthouse, our beloved, local beacon.  Once you set the clock to the current tide, the blue waterline rises and falls with the twice daily  rise and fall of the tide, and the pointer tells you where you stand on a rising or falling tide.  Tides in this area run from 8-12 feet each cycle depending on the moon cycle and storm variables.  

Now under the stewardship of Island Heritage Trust, Mark Island Light has been guiding boats into the thoroughfare and harbor here for over 160 years.  The comforting, forlorn sound of its horn can be heard all over the island when visibility is down.

Now your shore explorations can be guided by the Mark Island tide clock.  You won't miss your chance to hike to Barred Island and back ever again, as you follow the mechanically animated waterline.

11 inches high x 6.5 inches wide x 2 inches deep

Navy blue wood frame.  Runs on a single, AA battery.